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Instructions for learners

  • The only prerequisite for this program is 'Motivation to learn'.

  • The PM role is pretty interdisciplinary. PMs collaborate with engineering teams, design teams, marketing teams, business teams- you name it. Hence, most PM jobs in tech expect a breadth of knowledge in the following areas & we cover all of the following in this curriculum.

    • User Experience & Design

    • Data Informed Decision Making & Analytics

    • Software Engineering Management

    • Algorithmic Thinking

    • Behavioral Economics

    • Business Strategy & Leadership through Case Studies

  • Full curriculum is split into days to help you plan your learning. But this is a self paced course. So feel free to take your time to master the content. If you feel that content is slow, use Shift + > to fast forward the videos.

  • This course is comprehensive and covers many aspects of product management. You might be familiar with some areas. So feel free to skip those and move on to less familiar territory.

  • At the end of each day, we will provide an exercise to revise the concepts. Your best teacher is your last mistake- so please attempt the practice exercises. Many of you might be too busy to complete the exercises but try to at least read through the exercises.

  • The PM role is highly interdisciplinary & collaborative- so be prepared to dive into different domains ranging from design to business to engineering. Hope you enjoy feeling the learn as a PM!

What is Product Management & Why does it MATTER?  

It’s important to know why you are getting into product management. Here’s a quick video to help you with that.

Skills to become a Product Manager

The PM role is pretty interdisciplinary and an intersection of different skill sets. The following discussion hosted by Google Ventures will help you understand. Good reading to get a feel for product management at startups!

Working as a Product Manager

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