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Product Manager- About this course

  • This course has been prepared by folks who interviewed at companies like Tesla, Google, and Facebook at Silicon Valley.

  • There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • The PM role is pretty interdisciplinary. PMs collaborate with engineering teams, design teams, marketing teams, business teams- you name it. Hence, most PM jobs in tech expect a breadth of knowledge in the following areas & we cover all of the following in this curriculum.

    • User Experience & Design

    • Data Informed Decision Making & Analytics

    • Software Engineering Management

    • Algorithmic Thinking

    • Behavioral Economics

    • Business Strategy & Leadership through Case Studies

  • The "Data & Decisions" part of this program uses Excel as the main tool. If you feel lost or need help with Excel or Statistics, refer to the Data Analyst course.

Full Curriculum- Product Manager

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