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Instructions for learners

  • The only prerequisite for this program is 'Motivation to learn'.

  • Full curriculum is split into days to help you plan your learning. But this is a self paced course. So feel free to take your time to master the content. If you feel that content is slow, use Shift + > to fast forward the videos.

  • This course is comprehensive and covers many aspects of the Policy Analyst role. You might be familiar with some areas. So feel free to skip those and move on to less familiar territory.

  • At the end of each day, we will provide an exercise to revise the concepts. Your best teacher is your last mistake- so please attempt the practice exercises. Many of you might be too busy to complete the exercises but try to at least read through the exercises.

  • The Policy Analyst role is highly interdisciplinary & collaborative- so be prepared to dive into different domains ranging from data analysis to PR to writing. Hope you enjoy feeling the learn as a Policy Analyst!

What do Policy Analysts Do

What to expect as a Policy Analyst?

Meet a real policy analyst through this video.

Story of a Policy Analyst in the private sector

Meet head of public policy at Google!.

Policy analysts come from a variety of educational backgrounds including some very interesting examples like the one you’ll see in the following video.

You can literally change the world as a policy analyst.

Policy is Fun
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