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Policy Analyst- About this course

  • There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • This course will benefit Bachelor of Arts majors interested in PR/marketing/analyst jobs in non-profits/government/private sectors.

  • To get a job and succeed in the non-profit/government sector, you need analytical, strategic and leadership skills. Our day-wise curriculum covers important topics which will help you prepare for Analyst/Associate roles in the government/non-profit sector. You will learn the following:

    • Policy Analysis

    • Non-Profit Management

    • Decision Modeling using Excel & Statistics

    • Policy Writing & Briefing

    • Data Visualization using Tableau

    • Quantitative Policy Analysis using R

    • Public Relations and Communications

  • This course will prepare you for analyst/associate jobs in non-profits, research institutes, and government.

  • Check out the full day-wise curriculum below. 

Full Curriculum- Policy Analyst

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