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Data Scientist- About this course

NOTE: This course is still under construction and we apologize for being so slow but since the team is working part itme on this, the delay is unavoidable. We have made some progress till day 10 but if you want to keep learning without waiting anymore, please refer to this open-source Data Science program.

  • There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • Our day-wise curriculum covers all the topics below. You will see that the following topics cover most of the DS job requirements in tech companies these days.

    • Python for Data Science

    • Probability Theory and Statistics

    • R for Data Science

    • Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Some knowledge of databases and SQL programming might also be expected in certain data science jobs. So, if you want to brush up SQL refer to our Data Analyst curriculum.

  • Check out the full day-wise curriculum below. 

Full Curriculum- Data Scientist

* PY-Python for Data Science, STATS- Math & Statistics for Data Science, R- R Programming for Data Science, ML- Machine Learning

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