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Note- ​The underlined text in exercises are hyperlinks. So dont miss clicking them.

  1. What is the difference between an excel workbook and a worksheet?

  2. What is the ribbon in Excel?

  3. What is the use of Paste Special in Excel?

  4. Please answer 11 questions in the spreadsheet based on the data. You will have to download the excel file to answer.

  5. 😊😊😊 BONUS FUN STUFF- try playing with this infographic. You will enjoy it. Data is so much fun!


  1. What is a database?

  2. What is a DBMS?

  3. What's the difference between a table and a database?

  4. What is an open source DBMS? Give few examples.

  5. Which of the following systems must use a DBMS?

    1. Mobile phone

    2. Website

    3. Revenue services department

    4. Conventional calculator

  6. Which is most popular DBMS?

  7. What is SQL?

  8. What are the functions SQL can perform on the databases?

  9. What is a Primary key in a database? What are the main features of the primary key?

  10. What is cardinality? How many cardinality exists in relational database?

  11. What is a Foreign key in a database? 

  12. What is a difference between SQL, MySql, Oracle server, Sql server?

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