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Business Modeling


  • Go to the US site and download the CSV file on Small Business Lending in the US.

  • Prepare an excel dashboard (use pivot tables, filters, conditional formatting, grouping & slicers) with at least 5 charts/graphs and a report on word doc (less than 250 words) based on your data analysis. Questions following these instructions will help you formulate your analysis. Also refer to Day 10 videos.

  • Lastly, enjoy this project. Do it at your own pace and experiment with your creativity. There is no right or wrong analysis as long as you have logical reasoning to support your work.


Imagine its Year 2013. You are a business analyst who has been hired by a hypothetical bank called Silverman Sachs. This bank is planning its small business lending operations for 2013 (they are thinking of how to set up resources to tap into the small business loan markets). You have data for 2012 and you have to analyse it to provide valuable business insights to Silverman Sachs executives. Your job is to create a dashboard and concise report with recommendations based on your findings.
Here are some pointers to help you with the analysis (sky is the limit, so be as creative and crazy as you want- enjoy the analysis).


  • Thinking in terms of how lending varies by state & city and which states see highest lending might be interesting.

  • Looking at the lending data of competitor banks and drawing from that can be useful.

  • You can try assessing risk that lenders are taking by looking at lender assets and loan sizes.

  • You can repeat your analysis for macro businesses as well.




  • First download MySQL from MySQL site and install it to your local machine (check out Day10 videos for installation help)

  • After installing MySQL, start working on the assignment below.




Imagine that your company is building an online car reservation system so that employees can rent the companies extra cars based on availability.  You are helping your team build a database system to manage the reservations.


Your system should include information about the users of this service. Each user will have a unique ID number to prevent erroneous bookings and other info recorded will be user’s full name, address, cell phone number and email id.


Youe company has 3 types of cars- fun cabin (capacity is 6 people), large cabin (9 people) and comfort cabin (12 people). When an employee books a reservation, she has to provide the following information- type of car requested, user info, time for which car is needed, destination, date & time of the booking- remember your reservation system only handles reservation requests. You don’t need to worry about the actual trips for now.


Design and create a MySQL database (with one or more tables) for the reservation system described above. After creating the database, create three imaginary users and enter their information in the database. Then write SELECT queries to retrieve information about those users. This will help you test your database before presenting it to your management.

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